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Gurgaon Maharashtrian community is one of the largest community outside Maharashtra. There are around 2000 families working in various organizations of repute at all levels.

This community is well connected through various festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Kojagiri Pournima, Aaamras, Maharashtra Din etc which are related to Maharashtrian cultural and tradition.

In the early 80s, few like minded marathi families came together to preserve the
Maharashtrian culture and tradition. In 1984, to b
ring this thought into an action, Shri Kolhatkar, Shri Huddar, Shri Karandikar and late Shri P.N. Deshpande & their families came together and decided to start Ganesh Chaturthi celebration to bring the entire Maharashtrian community together. The event started initially from one of the member's house. At the initial stage 15-20 families were involved in Ganesh Chaturthi celebration.

Slowly the popularity of this event grown, and in 1992, Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Samiti was formed.

Due to its large size community and even large floating population in Gurgaon, it was proposed to form Maharashtra Mandal Gurgaon to connect with like minded people and coordinate different activities more closely.

Aim of the Maharashtra Mandal Gurgaon is to cultivate Maharashtrian Culture, Art and Literature through various activities related to Maharashtrian culture.

Maharashtra Mandal Gurgaon is also active in arranging the various other activities such as musical events, stage plays by the professional theatre artist, entertainment program by the local family members, outings, interesting workshops for kids, children and women. Community members overwhelming participation in all those activities, has motivated Mandal to arrange and organise various events. The Mandal not only stages different programs from well known artists but also encourages local talent for such activities.

However, the mandal is not open for any kind of spam, frivolous forwards, religious
and political propaganda/motives. Also, it cannot be used for any commercial, personal advertisement with profit-motive.

The Maharashtra Mandal Gurgaon is people’s organization. Please come forward and get connected, get involved and support the community to be strong.

Let us know how the Mandal can achieve the purpose more differently and effectively.

Thank you.

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